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Jewel had her gun readied though not brought to bear yet when Erik turned up, luckily. She was ready and waiting, and if she was tired and cold and even a little bit scared if only because she remembered exactly what Erik was carrying with him and how it had stirred her when she'd first seen it, well, then she was those things too. Nothing was changed by that. Nothing was different. Erik was a known quantity, and now so was the body a few steps away.

"Hey," she said, nodding to Erik. "Good to see you again. Things feel more even now."

This was a lie. Erik was still a stuttering dork, and things had never been fair between them. Standing on the stage where surely drunks had gone to watch girls get naked, Erik had held pretend power and kneeling Jewel had controlled reality. It had been Dougie keeping their triangle from tilting, Dougie holding both in check, and there was no Dougie now. Impressions were important for contestants on the first day. It was still the first day, still early, and Jewel was somebody. Was she somebody who could follow through, though? That was the question Erik's gun whispered to her. It was a little bit early to meet him again.

She'd also left things off with Yagmur and the boys at the bowling alley and Cathryn. If Erik walked away, possibly they would meet up in a day or two and he'd be something else, something past this stammering mess, but probably they'd never see each other again because he would stumble up to Vahka and ask how he was doing.

Jewel realized a little bit belatedly that his gun was pointed at her too, and that for a moment made her think about whether she might be wrong. Jonas Jeffries seemed harmless. Nate Chauncey was a nobody between Marvia and when she got twitchy and splashed April's brains across the grass. Jewel had been allowed a handshake. This was not a joke. He was standing further from her than the others had. Was he Yagmur or the Christian boy?

"What now?" she asked.
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