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Cathryn couldn't even speak right now because a few seconds ago, Naomi and Jewel were having the old 'How are you' talk and just exchanging the typical greetings and then Naomi hit Jewel, someone who had killed two people, with a weapon that Cathryn didn't even know she had, and then they scuffled and rolled around, and then Jewel slashed Naomi, and there was so much blood, everywhere and it seeped into the snow, oh my god, the blood, and Cathryn, she just watched, didn't try to help, because where the hell was Christopher, what was happening, she couldn't think properly because everything was such a mess and a few seconds, everything was OK, and now one of her partners was missing and the other dead.

She was hyperventilating, her hands trembling more and more. For a few seconds after the fight, all she heard was the sound of blood pumping through her veins as she watched Jewel stand up. Then, she spoke and everything about that first sentence made her blood turn to ice.

The mere calm of it. Jewel's voice was the same one she'd hear if she spoke right after a session of running around the track. It wasn't a ragged or shocked voice that you'd expect to hear right after killing someone. This was normal to her. 12 hours, and she'd already adapted to this place and its barbaric new rules.

All of Cathryn's hope, all of her future, lay in that word 'should'. As in, Jewel should kill her. That implied that there was another option that Jewel was considering, and Cathryn would leap at it, no matter what.

She listened intently to every word Jewel said, and fumbled with the box, that gun to her head, thanks to her trembling hands.

Normally, Cathryn would have spat at her, shouted, maybe try to vivisect her with her words, because that was her specialty, and hey, an eye for an eye, right? No way she'd be humiliated on national TV, yeah? But why should Cathryn value her pride over her life? She'd gotten used over the past few years to being isolated, to being a pariah, so how bad would a few more days be?

As soon as Jewel finished speaking, Cathryn muttered a quick 'Yeah' and clumsily put on the headset. Then, before Jewel could maybe reconsider her decision, she ran, not really knowing where she wanted to go. Anywhere but here.

((Cathryn Bailey continues in The Jellies Experience))
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