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Jewel rolled away and slowly drew herself back to her feet as her assailant died off to the side. There was a stinging in her middle to match what she'd inflicted on the girl. Jewel's grip on her weapon tightened and she looked towards Cathryn, who hadn't had time even to start to interfere. This meant the ambush had probably not been planned, and Cathryn was from Whittree so she had most likely not held much more of a connection to the dying or dead now girl than Jewel had.

There was pounding and ringing and what she wanted most was to get some space and time, to get to think and process and come to grips with what had just almost happened and what had actually happened, but everyone who watched SOTF knew respites were rarely earned and Cathryn was still there.

That was one thing Jewel could do something about.

"I should probably kill you," she muttered. Her lips bent downwards; she needed to project more than that if she was to be heard.

"Cathryn," said Jewel, "I'm going to make you an offer. You can walk away right now. You can take this."

She didn't sound as collected as she should as she reached around and clawed her backpack open and withdrew one of the three remaining boxes. Probably the other girl was dead by now; Jewel was keeping an eye on her just in case though because getting fooled twice would be possibly deadly and embarrassing. She tossed the box containing the headset towards Cathryn.

"If you meet someone, you tell them not to play stupid and make trouble for me or they'll regret it," Jewel said. She tapped the headset she wore, then adjusted it; it had been knocked askew as she wrestled with the other girl. "I want to hear you do that. If you don't, I'll come find you and I'll kill you."

Her back and shoulders hurt from impacting the dirt and her muscles were tense and sore from contracting with the electricity and she knew that the gun didn't have another bullet in it but maybe Cathryn didn't, and even if she did, what did it matter when the blade had already done its work twice now?

"Sound fair?"
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