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Naomi tried desperately to get the two electrodes of the stun baton pressed against Jewel again, but to no avail. The both of them thrashed in a scuffle on the ground, Jewel obviously wasn't just going to let Naomi subdue her and take her weapon.

Jewel managed to get a shot off, but Naomi did not feel any sort of impact. Her ears were left ringing from the loud shot, but she was glad that the bullet hadn't actually hit her. Although, she needed to get the gun away from Jewel now, before she could potentially fire another shot.

Naomi reached for the gun, grabbing and pulling on it. She almost had it, she just needed to tug a little harder...

She felt Jewel's knee impact with her chest. She was knocked back a bit, stunned.

Then, the axe blade of the gun connected with her side.

The wound burned. Naomi could feel warm blood, her warm blood, seeping out of her side. The blood fell as she threw herself away from Jewel, coloring the ground red.

Naomi looked at Jewel, then at the bloody axe blade. She tasted something metallic in her mouth. She stood up, her whole body shaking, trying to reassess. Just as she got to her feet, she fell forward, flat onto the ground in front of Jewel.

Get up. She needed to get up, but her arms and legs weren't working. She couldn't move. She could barely breathe. She was dying.

She felt her blood pooling beneath her. She didn't want to die, she needed to live, she needed to get out with Chris.

She had failed already, she had already made a mistake, already killed herself. Her mind grew fuzzy. She couldn't think.

She needed to get up, to fight, to live. She needed Chris, she needed someone.

She needed... she didn't know what she needed.

Her vision began fading. She saw a tunnel, a light at the end. It felt warm, she tried moving towards it.

Then, she saw nothing but darkness.

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