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((Bella Bianchi continued from You Snooze You Lose))

She just had to step out, didn't she?

Just some time ago, the announcement came on, and she didn't like it. Bella knew people were going to die, obviously. It was the name of the game. Survival of the Fittest. Kill or be killed. That was the point.

Thing was, though, they really were gone, and that struck Bella.

Lisa Toner. Lucy Williams. Taylor DeVasher. Isaiah Hall. Davis Todd. Damion Castillo. Even Austin White.

All gone.

Lisa was hard to forget. She was loud, but loud in a... good way. They shared drama together. Bella found herself smiling around her. She was gone, killed.

Lucy was a friend of a friend. She'd met her before. Aidan and Will were close to her. And now she was gone too.

Austin, Austin. Austin was someone she was never close to. Bella had heard... stories. But it still felt weird, knowing that he was dead.

She didn't know Taylor, Isaiah, Damion, or Davis well. She had heard things about Damion too. Bella knew Isaiah and Davis were on the football team, and that Taylor was another friend of Aidan's. How was he taking it? Whether he was at home or... you know, he must be aching. She didn't want to picture him hurting.

The announcements ended with a rock song. She had recognized it. Mr. Peters had once used it as part of a lesson, to demonstrate rhythm and unison. It had been fun, sitting there with everyone, slamming her hands down against her knees. But as she listened to it, her hands remained still. The song only made it harder to resist the warmth pushing at her eyes.

She tried her hardest not to cry. Bella had succeeded, but it still hurt.

Of course she knew people were going to die. Endless seasons, someone was going to die. But it wasn't something she ever thought about while she was watching. It wasn't something people thought about while watching. When she discussed deaths on the show with people, it was never in the context of how people didn't deserve to die on the show. It was mostly about how interesting the deaths were, or how gruesome.

But then again, this was a show, right? People were watching.

And everyone was dying around her.

The aquarium was quiet right now except for the sounds of water gently pushing against the glass. Staring at the water was slightly comforting, and the glass was very cool against her forehead.

Bella saw a shape on the glass. A girl, her brown hair mussed, her green eyes tired and lowered. She didn't look like a girl who had just been placed on her favorite reality TV show.

She still wondered if it was safe to wander outside the condos. Eden was going to be here soon, of course. She knew where she was headed. But after the announcements, she felt antsy, and needed a walk. Some time to think. But she didn't want to be alone. Luckily, Eden was probably right behind her.

Just a few more minutes, and they'd head back.

Bella pulled away from the glass, leaving a small spot on it from where her forehead was.

And Shadi.

She wanted her with her. Bella hated the idea of Shadi being off, alone. Bella knew she could take care of herself, but what if someone got her? What if she was injured, or worse?

Her mind flashed with the image of Shadi's broken body, a pit of disgust in her stomach and a pang of horror accompanying it. She pushed it away just as quickly. It was something she hated.

Another soft whirring alerted to the presence of a different camera, and she turned her head.

The next thought was that it was technically another performance in her life. Just... not like the ones she usually participated in.
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