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Anzu slowly shook her head at Caroline's question, a concerned frown on her face. "Ashley's really out of it right now." She said quietly, hoping that Ashley wouldn't overhear. Admittedly, it was pretty likely that, in her current state, Ashley wouldn't notice or even care if she did, but it still made Anzu feel like kind of an asshole.

It seemed that everyone had agreed, (Ashley with incredible enthusiasm) that it was best to head back inside. Anzu had no objections. It bore repeating that it was still exceeding-fucking-ly cold outside, and the darkness made Anzu incredibly uneasy. They were wide open if anyone tried to sneak up on them, especially since the only one with a legit weapon among them wasn't exactly in touch with reality at the moment.

"Inside. We can talk after we get Ashley settled back down." Anzu said to Caroline, before turning back to Ashley, forcing a small smile on her face. "Just hang in there for a while longer, alright, Ashley?"
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