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Jewel was surprised as the baton jabbed her in the stomach and pumped electricity through her system, making her feel like her veins were igniting. She'd fallen prey to a brand of cleverness not too far removed from hers, or maybe she'd just baited herself into a rough spot, overextended and now she was suffering for it, twitching and falling backwards and away from the source of the attack and only just managing to tighten her grip and bring Naomi down with her.

This didn't have to be a fight to the death at one point, perhaps, but the chance to walk away was gone. Naomi had landed sprawled across Jewel but not in a good position to pin her. She had a look of surprise on her face. These things slid through Jewel's mind as the last aftershocks caused her muscles to tense erratically.

She shook her right hand free, swung her left around, pistol in hand, kicking and thrashing and trying to keep distance between her and the stun gun. Cathryn was still there somewhere; two on one was bad odds at the best of times so Jewel had to get free, to reassess or press the attack or flee. She tried to line the gun up but her eyes were stinging with hints of tears. The bullet that was expelled when she pulled her finger as hard as she could against the trigger went wide, somewhere off in the night where she couldn't be concerned with it.

Naomi was concerned. She made a grab for Jewel's hands, for the gun, and nearly pulled it straight from her grasp. The cut across Jewel's palm burned as it was ground into the wooden handle, and the ringing in her ears was back with a vengeance, maybe not as strong as the first time because there were no echoes or maybe just because she was still partially deafened.

Over a long, long time watching SOTF, Jewel had learned that one of the most common failings the participants faced was tunnel vision. They were both scrabbling for the gun, and Naomi was above her, with leverage and positioning, but those same things let Jewel pull her left knee up and kick out, catching her foe in the chest. It threw Naomi backwards a bit, broke her grip for a second, just enough time for Jewel to swing the axe blade around in an arc at the other girl's middle.
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