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((GM'ing and skipping approved))

Naomi wasn't really sure what to think about a murderer saying it was nice to meet her. Even if she was planning on becoming a murderer herself.

The girl shifted her gun to the other hand and extended her hand to shake. Her guard was down. Now would be the best time to strike. As for how she was going to strike, she didn't know.

Might as well wing it.

Naomi's baton sat soundly in her right hand, she shifted it over to her left, just like Jewel did, and stood herself up.

"Nice to meet you." She said, extending her right hand.

They shook hands, but as Jewel began moving her hand away Naomi tightened her grip.

Naomi then quickly moved and jabbed Jewel under her ribs with her baton, pressing the button to shock her as soon as it connected. Naomi was satisfied. That had worked.

But as Jewel began falling over from the nasty shock, she tightened her grip around Naomi's hand just as Naomi had done not a moment ago and dragged Naomi to the ground with her.

Now she was right next to someone who had a better weapon than her and was likely very mad.

She realized that she had probably made the worst mistake of her life.
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