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((Caroline Leveson continued from Take That Money, Watch It Burn))

Christ, Anzu had just taken off when she saw Ashley on the beach.

That changed things, or at least cemented them the way she had suspected. Caroline frowned as she took her time walking towards them, fire iron weighing on her hand, thoughts and plans weighing on her mind. She'd been quieter than usual on the walk here - Sarah had given her the usual enthusiastic greeting on sight and Caroline had only given about sixty percent in return. She had used all her reckless euphoria on Anzu.

They hadn't seen Val on the way. She thought, for a moment, if she searched all the boardwalk shops again, while Anzu was dealing with Ashley, that would help, but... no. Work hard, but work smart, and searching without the group was dangerous. She couldn't afford to lose any of them again. Not while Anzu and Ashley were out in the open, not while she was the only other person Sarah was around. When they searched, they would search together.

Silent steps through the sand, feeling it yield and scatter underneath her snow-soddened flats.

It was dark, save for the light of the moon. Not good for the cameras; not good for any of them if anyone snuck up. There was a flashlight in her left hand, one that she'd quickly dug through the daypack and found as they left the casino, but she hadn't used it yet. The risk it would give them away was worse than being in the dark.

Maybe she would use it soon. Just not now.

As Anzu and Ashley disengaged from their talk and began heading back towards her, Caroline waved a small finger-wave.

"Hey," she said, her voice low. "Everything all right?" Glanced back at Sarah. "We still need to talk, but... you want to do that back inside or out here?"
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