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"Nice to meet you," Jewel said while deciding how to approach the situation. To her her voice sounded unsure, and she shivered against the chill. Probably hitting this girl over the head with the axe blade and then shooting the other in the back would be the smart decision in this situation. How did this go again? Killing spree, rampage, unstoppable? Unstoppable sounded like her. It sounded good.

Never do the same thing twice, unless it's made more interesting through repetition.

It was getting darker. Jewel would still stand out well from a distance. Black figure against the white ground. She shifted the gun into her left hand; these two weren't particularly armed and she hadn't seen signs of others.

So Jewel smiled and extended her right hand to Naomi, ready to shake.

"How's the game been treating you so far?" she asked.
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