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Naomi was taken aback when Jewel revealed who she was.

She was one of the people they mentioned on the announcements. She had killed two people, in fact. She was probably going for the ten kill release, just like Naomi. Convenient how she appeared just as Naomi was thinking of how she was going to get rid of the people that were competing with her.

So what would Naomi do? Jump on her and try to bludgeon her with the stun baton? She would need to get the drop on Jewel for that to be a good course of action. No, she needed surprise if she wanted any chance of killing a person with a significantly better weapon than her own.

She decided to answer Jewel's question before she did anything.

"I'm Naomi." She paused a bit, not knowing what else to say. Perhaps being friendly would make Jewel lower her guard. But... she wasn't sure how to be friendly to someone who killed two people already.

She went with something rather weak. "So... nice to meet you?"
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