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"Haha, seriously, Will, I'm fine!" Erik laughed, saying it for what seemed to be the hundredth time. He wasn't complaining, though. Will's concern was touching! It was nice to know that, even on SOTF, there were people who were happy to see Erik alive.

Erik set his sandwich aside for a minute after Will showed him his 'weapon'. "Incredibly useful, yeah!" Erik concurred, before taking a bit of time to flip through the papers. Aside from Will and himself, it seemed that he was also teamed up with Ramon and both Naomis from his school. Erik wasn't exactly close to any of them, but they seemed like decent people, and it was definitely an advantage to already know all his teammates.

As incredibly delightful as it would have been to extend their meal unto infinity, mankind had sadly not yet invented a truly endless sub sandwich, and both Erik and Will finished their meals all too soon.

Unfortunate as it was to leave the museum behind so soon after entering it, they both agreed that it wasn't exactly the best place to set up permanent camp. Erik followed Will out into the cold once more, still shivering and drawing his pirate jacket closer to himself.

((Erik Lowell: Continued in Don't You?.))
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