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Speaking of psychos.

Cathryn had seen the girl approaching almost as soon as she asked her question. She wasn't able to retort to Naomi for her answer, if you could even call it that. Her hands began trembling, and the air became even colder as she came closer. The first thing that became clear was the gun held in her arm. It took a while, but after that, she could make out the face.


She had appeared on the first announcements twice. Day one, and she'd already taken two lives.

When she'd first heard it, she didn't pay it much mind because, hey, it's not like Cathryn was close with her or her victims, and it seemed like such an unimportant detail compared to Leah. But now, it was the only thing she had in her mind.

She sat there, silent, focusing on the ground, of all things, and biting her lips. Jewel had addressed Naomi, and Naomi only. Not Cathryn. No need to speak, or say her name, especially when she knew the answer already. Just say what you need to say, and keep calm.
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