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"I'm Jewel," said Jewel to the girl she didn't know.

Lying was of course an option, but even though Cathryn would be retarded to rat Jewel out, there was no guarantee she wasn't. Once was enough, and also there was relatively little to be gained from subterfuge here. New girl held no obvious interest in Jewel as the boys had, and it would be good to know quickly if she instead held a grudge over something Jewel had done rather than down the line.

It was still cold and Jewel could see her breath fogging up in front of her. The gun which she held was warm from how long she'd been clutching it; it was more comfortable than her jacket now.

"And who are you?" she asked.

As she had walked towards these two, Jewel's curiosity had been piqued—did they look the same from the cameras in the trees as they did to her so much closer to the ground? These two perhaps had a story between them. They were from different schools and they had been brought together somehow and now they were sitting and chatting and hadn't gotten around to killing each other yet, and that was a story that Jewel two weeks ago might have found pretty dull but Jewel now thought held a bit more potential, albeit more as an initial status quo than anything continuing.
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