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Naomi wasn't really listening to Cathryn as she answered her question.

She wasn't even really listening when Cathryn asked a question of her own. She answered with a halfhearted "Probably the same as your school." Her thoughts had come back to her plan to kill Cathryn, and she was focusing on that. But, what after that? She really needed to formulate some sort of basic plan to follow moving forward, winging it would probably get her killed.

Eliminating the competition was most important, just like she was thinking earlier. If someone else got the release before her that would make everything she'd done and all the lives she might be yet to take pointless. How she was going to take down somebody that was likely more dangerous and better armed than her she didn't know, but she would need to figure something out.

She heard a noise behind her. She turned her head, expecting to see Chris returning from whatever he was doing, but she saw a girl she didn't recognize instead. A girl carrying an absolutely massive weapon.

Naomi was frightened. She didn't know what to think or do in this situation.

She decided to just ask a dumb question.

"Wh-who are you?"
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