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“Me neither,” Will admitted, returning to his seat and shifting his belongings to the floor to make room for Erik’s food, the action reminding him of the many lunchtimes they’d shared together back at Davison. “But I’m so glad to see you again! You promise you’re okay, right?”

As he broke off a piece of his sandwich and began to chew upon its contents, Will’s eyes drifted from his friend towards his assigned rosters. Erik had already shown him his gun, and it would only be fair for him to return the favour and show his ‘weapon’ as well - and Erik was a teammate, so he didn’t need to be wary over revealing it to him, as he’d likely need to be with many of the other contestants. It was a good feeling, to be with someone whom he didn’t need to change around - a luxury he suspected would be a rarity in the days to come.

“Hey, Erik - you’ve got a gun, right?” He said, reaching down and retrieving the rosters before continuing. “Well, this is my weapon - a list of everybody in the resort, as well as what team they‘re on. Super-duper incredibly useful, huh?” He flicked through the papers, the energy behind each movement clearly visible, before diverting his eyes back to Erik.

He left the papers between them - they didn’t look all that suspect situated upon the table, and he wanted Erik to feel free to peruse them for himself without feeling obliged to ask. Erik was the sorta boy who seemed to Will like he felt the need to ask permission for everything, and he wanted to avoid that stuff as much as possible with him. He quickly returned to his sandwich, careful to savour each mouthful, none to eager to rush through neither what could be his last proper meal nor the brief moment of solitude Erik’s arrival and their brief conversation had afforded him.

But all good things come to an end, and it seemed like no time at all before he’d swallowed the last morsel of his sandwich and was delicately dabbing at his lips with one of the provided napkins, before slinging his belongings back over his shoulders. The museum had provided a nice area to sit and have a causal chat, but it was fairly useless beyond that - and if they wanted somewhere to plan and do anything of substance without chance of interruption, then they’d need to get moving again.

And so it was that, with a heavy heart, Will led the way from the museum, smile still etched upon his face as he slowed his pace to match Erik’s. The gravity of the situation had hit him like a train back in the Transport Centre, but the time he’d spend with Erik had caused it to retreat back to the depths of his mind, where he’d deeply buried and locked away what’d happened with Isaiah and Lucy, desperate to avoid having to acknowledge what’d happened, let alone face the same situation and the trauma that’d accompanied it first-hand.

He hoped it could stay that way for awhile longer.

((Will Brackenrig continued in Don’t You?))
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