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Erik's grin mirrored Will's as his good friend made a very delightful suggestion. "Yeah, I d-do! That sounds like a great idea, man!" Erik sat down in one of the chairs by the table, carefully laying his shotgun and bag on the floor. He rifled through his bag for a few seconds before emerging, triumphant, with the sub.

Though he was really more of a Jimmy John's guy, anything looked tasty after a full day of exertion and not eating. Erik waited for Will to seat himself, then began eating with enthusiasm. "C-can't say I ever expected to eat with you again." He said in-between bites. "I'm g-glad!"

It was nice to go back to something resembling ordinary school life, if only for a bit. The food and surroundings were a bit nicer, he supposed, but it felt almost like just another lunch in the school's cafeteria. Minus the flying food, of course. Erik wouldn't forget the scolding the student body had gotten for that one. It was surreal to think that some of the people involved in it were already dead or killers. Erik's mood dimmed slightly as he recalled Gabe, and Lucy's corpse. Still, he tried to remain as cheery as possible. There was no telling how long his peaceful break with Will would last, after all.
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