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Why that question?

This was exactly why she made small talk. So that she could get her mind off how she was feeling, how everything sucked so bad, and so on, and so forth. They were supposed to be talking about home and how it was like in Davison, and then she'd rant about Whittree, and just generally pass the time talking about anything but SOTF.

But no. Naomi just had to ask that question. Even off the island, it would be a bad question. Cathryn didn't like spilling her feelings, not even to people like Leah. She wasn't one of those people. It's not like people would care anyways if she went on an hour-long tangent about how Leah killing someone made her feel so conflicted, and how she hated this island, this show, and the people who ran it. Everyone, aside from the psychos who got off to all the gore, probably felt this way.

She scowled a bit, and sighed. "OK, I guess."

Best to leave it at that. Offering any hint of how she really felt would lead to prodding and condolences and pity and she really hated being pitied or being asked about personal stuff. Just steer this conversation to where it really should be, and Cathryn will be able to manage.

"How's it like there in Davison?"
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