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((Jewel Evans continued from Deliver Us))

From the bowling alley, the only directions to head were back to the daycare center or into the woods. Her heart hammering and her breath catching, Jewel wound through the bare trees. Though it meant only that he had not pursued her in an obvious way, she did not see the boy. She had even managed a moment's rest to reload her weapon. Her right palm burned, but it did not seem to be bleeding badly. She could hear again, but it was hearing over that echo, not without it, and she wondered if she would ever hear properly again and also if it was even real. The pounding had yet to return.

Early burners almost invariably died quickly. There were exceptions, but usually that was the result of mitigating factors. At a certain point, speed and violence became unsustainable, and it only took one mistake or lucky shot to end everything. Jewel mulled this over as fact, though it should have scared her probably.

The branches stretched out and upwards, branches reaching towards the sun. They were lightly frosted and they were beautiful, the sort of scene she might have painted back at home. The truth was, though, that painting was either a poor substitute for experience or an attempt at something entirely different. There was no way to translate and capture what she saw and felt, the cold air and the pain in her hand and in her lungs and the frost on the branches and the crunching of ground beneath her feet, a few small sparrows puffed up and squeezed together on a branch, the feeling of being alive and outside struggling against the discomfort of it all and the first creeping tendrils of fatigue and suppressed horror.

There were cameras on some of the trees, and that did not make them any less wondrous.

She probably cut a nice silhouette, all black and slowly stepping, arms raising up in bumps under the sleeves of her jacket and her knees just shy of knocking. Unless she was aiming to impress someone, she would not have worn a skirt in this sort of weather at home.

There were two people ahead of her, waiting together and not yet looking her way. She had noticed this some time ago and was heading towards them. She smiled and the frost crumbled beneath her feet. She thought it was two girls.
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