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Naomi looked at Cathryn when she asked her a question.

"The two of us are from the other school, Davison." She looked around for Chris. She didn't see him around them. He was just with them, but it looks like he had gone off to do something.

"Looks like Chris wandered off." She said, to Cathryn.

She drank a bit more of her water and then put it away. She shivered a bit. Even with her sweatshirt and the extra clothes she piled on top of it, she was still fairly cold. It probably wouldn't serve to stay outside of a building for too long. Still, she couldn't lose Chris so soon after finding him. She supposed that she'd just have to wait.

She turned to Cathryn, pushing aside the ever present plan to kill her. "So..." She paused. "I'm not really sure what to say, honestly." She stretched a bit. "Just a bit awkward to sit here without really saying anything."

She paused again. "I suppose I'll ask an easy one. How are you holding up?"
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