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((Cathryn Bailey continues from A New Morning))

Cathryn wasn't up for speaking much.

The announcements had blared from their speakers a few hours ago. She wasn't really in the mood for, well, any sound because it was probably 2 AM or something and she almost had to use her fingers to pry her eyelids apart. It would also be near impossible to go back to sleep. She'd spent what felt like an eternity tossing, turning, and shivering because her tees and shorts weren't meant for this weather. And the producers just had to give her a bikini, instead of something more comfy like a full-body Minnie Mouse costume, even though it's -20° F. Genius.

So, the lady chattered on about the first victims, adding some 'humorous' commentary on the side. Cathryn raised her eyes a bit at the number of killers from Whittree, but other than that, the announcements didn't really elicit any strong reactions from her. Sure, she felt a twinge of sadness and disgust at the fact that people were actually dying, but that was because she was human. It was like this every version, no matter what school you picked. Not really breaking news. Also, the names were ones that she either didn't know or didn't care for. And it went on like this, until the last kill was announced.

Cathryn had managed to convince herself already that, out of her small, small circle of friends at Whittree, she was the only one on the show. The mere notion of one of them being here with her was impossible. So, when Leah Bissard's name was said right before the danger zones were announced, it took a while for the fact to register with Cathryn. Long enough for We Will Rock You to get through its first chorus, in fact.

When she finally comprehended what she had just heard, the first thing she tried to do was get angry at Leah. It was one of her coping mechanisms dating back from middle school. Anger was just an easier emotion. It felt much better in comparison to stuff like sadness or guilt. Besides, the catharsis of eventually letting out all that anger and making someone else feel as shitty as she did was something she'd never get tired of.

But the thing was, anger and Leah weren't compatible. Just like Leah and the idea of her being a player. Leah wasn't supposed to be a player. Leah was this chubby girl who, like Cathryn, was bullied, liked going on the Internet, read a bunch of 'creepypasta', whatever the heck that was, and was also a part of choir. That was Leah. Not this paranoid freak who'd resort to killing rather than, say, running away or freezing in place. Leah wasn't supposed to be that girl. She was supposed to be innocent, harmless.

So, instead of anger, Cathryn resorted to shock. She couldn't quite get angry, but she couldn't afford to feel devastated. So, she let her hands tremble and stayed awake. Nothing would let her get to sleep now.

She blindly followed the two, not really focusing on much other than the environment. The sky slowly lightening up. The crunching sound her feet made whenever it stepped. The dead trees. Anything other than the announcements. Eventually however, Naomi got tired and had to stop. As soon as they rested, that sentence started echoing over and over again in her head.


Cathryn didn't want to hear that sentence again. What she needed was a distraction. Small talk. Even if she probably had nothing in common with Naomi and Christopher, even if this was the type of conversation that her in-laws would have whenever they visited, and even if she didn't really give a crap, droning on about home, where they're from, what that place is like, etc, etc, etc, would be better than being alone with her thoughts.

"So, where are you guys from?"
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