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Will’s excited grin remained firm as Erik confirmed that he was okay, an energetic nod accompanying each of his statements and the euphoria of meeting up with his friend continuing to coarse warmly through him. He felt his heart skip a beat as he motioned towards his assigned shotgun, the sight of such a weapon in Erik’s hands giving him the slightest bit of trepidation - which dissipated just as quickly as it arrived. Erik was harmless, through and through - though the same couldn’t be said of many others they’d been dropped here with - and there was nothing to be worried about, at least for a little while.

He’d found one of his best friends, unharmed, and they had a legitimate weapon with them. Will paused for a moment, letting the joy of the moment fully set in, the feeling that everything could be okay, before clutching around Erik’s wrist and tugging him back towards the café area, loafers tapping gently against the linoleum floor of the building as he did so.

“I’ve been doing okay,” he said, “Haven’t seen much of anybody, really. It all seems pretty unreal.”

He neglected to mention anything about Isaiah or Lucy, not wanting to mar their reunion by bringing up what’d happened with them, as much as the inability to share his grief pained him. He had Erik to focus on for the moment, and there was no way he’d let himself repeat the same mistakes he had back at the Transport Centre. There was no way he’d let himself lose another friend, especially one like Erik - whom had always struck him as rather timid and in need of protection. And the fact that they shared a team only highlighted that fact.

He had to prioritise now, as sickening as the thought was. There wouldn’t be time to gather everybody up, not with the way things were going so far.

Teammates, then friends.

He tried to put the images of Aidan and Bella and Sebastien and countless others out of his mind.

As they reached the café, Will took note of his half-eaten sandwich that lay languished in the midst of his other belongings. He whirled back around to face Erik, the smile still firmly fixated on his face growing ever brighter as an idea made itself known.

“Hey, have you still got your subway? What d’you say to a little picnic?”
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