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((Naomi Young continued from A New Morning))

Naomi, Chris, and Cathryn arrived at the Orchard.

Yesterday had been uneventful after they left the hotel. The three of them mostly just drifted around and then settled down after a while. The three of them had then listened to the announcement, and started wandering again after it ended.

Naomi sat down on the ground, tired of walking. She turned to the other two. "Hey, guys. Let's sit down for a bit."

She opened up her pack and took out her water. She sipped at it while contemplating how she was going to go about getting her ten kills. There was already competition for the ten kill release. If anything, she needed to eliminate the competition before doing anything else. Even if she put a big target on herself in the process, like Chris mentioned.

Cathryn could be useful in insuring that she managed to take out the competition, and if she died, it was no loss to Naomi.

She closed her eyes and took in a big breath. She was still shocked at the thoughts that went across her own mind.

She decided to stop thinking for a bit and sat there quietly, still sipping her water.
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