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Oh, most joyous of all occasions! Erik certainly recognized the source of the voice that had called back to him, and he was grinning as Will rushed into his sight. Erik's grin only widened as he saw Will's team colors. Reuniting with a good friend, who also happened to be on the same team made the past tension of the day completely worth it!

"Will! Holy wow, I'm g-glad to see you too, man!" Will seemed to be as excited as Erik felt, judging by the breathless speed at which he was talking, almost too fast for Erik to keep up.

"D-don't worry, I'm fine!" He managed to reply. Erik made a slight gesture with his shotgun. "I've had this thing to p-protect me. More importantly, how are you doing?"

A freezing gust of wind reminded Erik that he hadn't yet closed the door to the museum. He shivered, did so, then turned back to Will. "Uh, actually, let's g-go and sit down, then talk more." He'd been running around all day, which was far more physical exertion than Erik was used to. Maybe he shouldn't have slacked off in gym class so much.
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