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As he chewed, Will’s mind drifted to the rosters he’d been assigned, which were currently seated atop his belongings. He’d only had enough time to go over them once, in the few minutes he’d allowed himself immediately after waking up to appraise what he’d been given. Now, though, with everything having ground to an almost tangible halt, he had enough time to properly consider their usefulness.

He recognised all bar one of the names printed alongside his, the exception being a girl named Naomi Skye. She was likely from the other school, though she also might’ve been one of those elusive classmates who didn’t socialise much and was an almost non-entity amongst the student body; he couldn’t be sure. He was fairly sure there were only two Naomis at Davison; one of whom - Naomi Young - he’d also been rostered with, and the other one of his sister’s friends. Pity. Everything would’ve been easier by far if they all knew each already, or if he had any way of recognising other-Naomi aside from her bandanna. Ramon and Erik were his other teammates, and for that he couldn’t have been happier - Erik was one of his best friends back at Davison, and Ramon’s work ethic was unparalleled.

Of course, having such a good team came with the fact that Aidan, Bella, and almost every other one of his friends who’d been dragged into this situation with him had been assigned to a different team. He’d already had to deal with that revelation with Lucy and Isaiah, and was none too eager to repeat it if he found his other friends again - or when he found them, rather. There was no way Will would accept dying without finding them and talking one last time. It wasn’t something he particularly wanted to linger on, but he knew he’d have to, sooner or later.

Thankfully, before he could delve too deep into the seemingly endless sea of shit he’d have to make his way through over the next few days, the stony silence of the area was broken by a familiar voice calling a shaking greeting from the entranceway. And it was like the heavens had opened up and Christmas had come early, because Will would recognise that voice anywhere. Erik Lowell, the absolutely perfect kid for him to come across; a friend and a teammate and he’d found him this early, before anybody had a chance to hurt him. Hopefully.

Will coughed loudly, choking on a sliver of lettuce as he hastily rushed to greet his friend.

“Erik?” He exclaimed excitedly, rushing towards where the voice had originated as quickly as his legs could carry him, a bright grin fixed firmly on his face. His smile grew only wider as his friend came into view, and it was all Will could do to suppress the urge to pull him into the tightest hug he could manage before he spoke once more; “Erik, it’s really you! Holy crap dude, am I glad to see you! How’ve you been? I hope nobody’s hurt you - come, come, I’ve got so much to talk to you about.”
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