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((Erik Lowell: Continued from Judicator.))

Erik was troubled.

The announcements had played while he had been out in the cold, pushing the very immediate need for shelter straight out of his mind. A lot of kids were dead, all of them with the exception of some girl named Eden being people he was familiar with from school. No close friends or anything, thank god, but still kids he had been totally a-okay with.

As terrible as this loss was, Erik's worries were soon dominated by one person: Jewel. It would've been bad enough for her to just be the one who was first to kill, but she had also added a second person to her body count. Erik couldn't stop himself from trembling a little. If he had been less careful, had played his proverbial cards less well, would he have been among those listed? Jewel had been creepy, yeah, but not "mass killing spree" creepy! He was suddenly very, very glad that he had let Dougie take the headset. Erik didn't even want to think about what he might have heard, otherwise.

The encroaching darkness had reminded Erik that, troubled as he was, he couldn't just keep standing outside in the cold. He needed to find somewhere to spend the night. Without any particular idea of where to go, he simply entered the closest building, which turned out to be the Aqua-Museum.

"Um, hello!" He called out as he opened the doors and cautiously took a step in. "I'm not t-trying to sneak up on anyone or anything, just looking for a place to sleep." Sure, he'd lose any element of surprise, but that was more than worth not being shot by some sleepy person he'd just scared the dickens out of.
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