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Will stared.

He stared at the blood that was steadily congealing around Isaiah’s chest, unable to look away from the body of the boy whom, merely a minute earlier, had been casually chatting with him and Lucy. He’d let her leave, making no effort to stop her as she spat acidly at the other girl - the murderous girl whose name was still unknown to them - and fled, leaving the room empty aside from him and Isaiah’s body and the shaking girl beside him. The world felt fuzzy, as though each of his senses was disconnected from the others; the blood around Isaiah’s wound the only thing he was able to focus on, able to think about.

“You bitch! You fucking bitch!”

The words felt disconnected as they fell from his mouth, as if he weren’t really saying them, as though the bitterness and anger that punctuated every syllable was coming from somewhere else. He’d let his guard down for just a second; let himself be fooled by her docile and delicate appearance. It was so stupid, in retrospect. The game took all sorts, he’d known that every since his very first episode, and he shouldn’t have let first impressions or appearances change what’d been drummed into him the last few years of his life.

He wouldn’t be so stupid next time.

He balled his hands by his sides, struggling against the urge to throw his fist into her face, the urge to release every frustration and emotion that was bubbling within him onto her. She deserved it. She’d taken out Isaiah, a perfectly normal, average dude, and though Will wasn’t about to claim the guy would forever be like that, he most certainly was when this girl had seen fit to murder him. And all she could respond with was a pitiful “oh”?

It made him feel sick, and it made him feel anxious, and it made him feel so many things other than the perfect calmness he’d been maintaining since the start.

He had to get out of there, had to try and scrap back some of what this girl had torn away from him and become calm once more.

Will kept his eyes on the girl as he grabbed his bags roughly with one hand and roughly hoisted them over his shoulder before retrieving his dossier with the other. He paused for a second, struggling to find some parting words to give to this girl, something to make her really feel the impact of what she’d done to Isaiah and to Lucy and to him, but it was useless. No words could adequately articulate it.

He turned on his heel and began running as as fast as he could, his body on autopilot as he fled the area, with no regard or care for the girl he’d left behind.

((Will Brackenrig continued Eat Fresh))
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