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It was funny how everything could go from slow to fast in an instant. The funniest thing was that despite training for the snap for most of his life Isaiah had failed to react to the most important one of his life.

Granted it was the most unconventional snap of his life but he should have been able to see the signs, to read the tension that was in the room, just waiting for the catalyst to trigger it. That catalyst had been Lucy going to draw her sword and before Isaiah could react the girl with the crossbow had fired.

He felt the bolt pierce through his chest and embed itself in something. That something was probably important. He fell back onto his ass and then tipped onto his side. The pain then followed as the blood started to flow.

Lucy turned to look at him then looked away. She said something to the girl and then started to walk out.

"Lucy...wait." His voice was too quiet and his voice cracked. He also tasted blood in his mouth; he must have been hit in a lung or something. He rolled onto his back and pain flared up again. She had left him. In the end he hadn't meant shit. He felt stupid.

He could imagine Serena telling him he was an idiot for not asking. Suzanne telling him to go for it if he felt like he honestly liked her and Rachael mocking him for not being able to ask despite his cocky attitude. Not that their opinions mattered now.

In the end only Isaiah's thoughts mattered to him in his final moments and the only thoughts he had were regrets.


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