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Please. Please just let me walk away. Don’t follow me, don’t try to attack me. I just want to leave, just let me leave.

As Alice pulled away the girl started to say something but the words swirled through the air without ever reaching her. Alice wasn’t listening anymore, she wasn’t paying attention; her worries and fears had given a narrative to what was happening that blocked out any other information.

These people were going to kill her if she stayed here. They might pretend to be her allies for a while but eventually they would kill her, either for her weapon, her supplies or because the game wouldn’t let them all survive.

She had to get out of there.

Alice had pulled her crossbow closer to her body as she stepped back, fully aware it was her only lifeline and sudden afraid it was going to be taken from her. The action prompted to girl to make a grab for her own weapon, a decorative sheathe and a sword which Alice had not seen until now.

Seeing the weapon and the hand so close to grabbing it solidified in her mind the fact that she was about to be killed. Not knowing what else to do and scared beyond all other rational thought Alice closed her eyes tightly and thrust her weapon forward with both hands, hoping to ward off her attacker.

“I said STAY BACK!”

She was gripping the weapon tightly, a little too tightly in fact as she could feel the moment the catch on the trigger released as she finally squeezed it hard enough to fire. Despite never having heard any of the sounds before the bowstring snapping forward followed almost immediately by a dull thump as it impacted something resistant yet yielding were instantly identifiable.

Everything seemed painfully silent as she opened her eyes to see what or, as she dreaded, who she had hit.

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