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((Skipping Deamon so we can make the deadline))

"Hey, no worries, we don't either."

Everybody was suddenly being nice to her.

“Hey, we won’t bite.”

Both the girl and the smaller of the two boys were moving closer to her now. All the worry and fear that might have been there had gone; the brief flash of it on the boy’s face had gone as soon as he had seen her. They weren’t scared of her or her crossbow now that they had gotten a good look at her, at how small and obviously weak she was.

"We're all safe here, right? Nobody's hostile. I'm Lucy, I'm from Albuquerque."

Now that they were sure she wasn’t a threat they wanted to befriend her. That was good right? Wasn’t that what she wanted? She needed allies to survive here; she wouldn’t make it on her own.

Then why did Alice feel more worried than ever?

Maybe she felt vulnerable, now that she was so exposed. She had originally intended to use the threat of her crossbow as a shield, rather than using it as a weapon. She was essentially using fear to protect herself and now that these people were so obviously not scared she felt out in the open with nothing to protect her.

There was one other problem. None of them had a gold bandana.

As much as she was sure her teammates would not be able to help her, not want to help her, she was even more sure that her teammates were the only people in this game who wouldn’t try to kill her.

The large boy hadn’t moved, hadn’t said anything yet. He still held that strange weapon in his hand.

While the group was trying to befriend her any bond they made would have to be broken eventually. Like it or not this game had made them enemies and only one team or one person was going to make it out. And if even her own team wouldn’t want her then someone not on her team definitely wouldn’t, even temporarily.

It would make more sense for them to kill her and be one step closer to winning.

Really, the only advantage Alice brought to a group was her weapon and a few extra supplies and those things could just as easily be taken from her as shared.

And now that they weren’t scared of her anymore there was nothing stopping them from robbing her. Or worse.

Alice looked at the girl’s outstretched hand like it might bite her. She took a small step back and held onto her crossbow possessively.


The idea of her being able to protect herself by being too scary to challenge; it was an absurd idea as soon as she had it. The thought that she could intimidate someone into leaving her alone just by waving a crossbow around.

She felt like a sheep in wolves clothing as soon as she tried it.

Now she felt like the clothing had fallen away and the rest of the pack had realised what she was. She felt like she was about to be eaten.

“St-stay away.”
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