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He had to remain calm.

Being laidback in almost any situation - no matter how stressful or uneasy - was Will’s greatest strength back home, and here it was his greatest weapon. If there was one thing he knew he was good at, it was remaining level-headed and logical; able to let anxiety and the like wash over him and focus on the facts, on the reality, of what was at hand.

Now was as good a time as any to test just how skilled he was.

Will bit his lip as Lucy and Isaiah spoke, content to take the backseat as they showed a good level of diplomacy as they spoke to the new arrival. He was really truly glad he’d found them this early; they were friends and true allies, sure, but they were doing a much better job of dealing with the new girl than he’d have done by himself. Part of him was ready to sit back and let them deal with it - though he knew he’d feel bad letting them take on the brunt of the work, even if he wouldn’t contribute much in the way of help.

However, not getting a look at her face or whether she was well-armed or not was beginning to wear on him. Will was someone who valued face-to-face conversation, never able to recapture interpersonal talks via text messages or social networking. It stood to reason that if she could get a good look at them and vice-versa that they’d be able to appraise the situation a great deal better than they’d been doing so far - a thought Isaiah had vocalised, though not as kindly as he’d’ve done. At least he hadn’t waffled about it, though - Will appreciated that much.

She’d clearly had a similar idea; stepping into their eyesight just as he’d motioned to move closer to the entranceway. The nervous look that’d lightly quirked across his features almost immediately dissipated as soon as he got a proper look at the girl who’d interrupted their peaceful complacency, replaced by his usual grin. She was tiny - around Lucy’s height, he supposed, though she looked a great deal younger as well. She reminded him of one of those dolls his sister owned, perfect porcelain with eyes as wide as a doe’s. The loaded-crossbow she was holding looked almost harmless in her hands, in spite of how dangerous he knew it was.

So he took a step towards her, making sure to keep his steps measured and soft - not wanting to leap in front of her and freak her out any more than she undoubtedly already was. He figured that such a precaution might be completely nullified if she was truly scared, but it couldn’t hurt, could it?

“Hey,” he said softly. “We won’t bite.”
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