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No-one responded at first and the only way that Alice could be sure they even heard her was because the voices quieted down almost immediately. She shuffled nervously in the silence that followed, unsure of what to do next; she thought she might be able to hear some whispering coming through the doorway and it occurred to her that they must be wondering the same thing.

Either that or planning how they were going to kill her.

Suddenly having second thoughts she began moving backwards, taking small, slow steps before a voice called out, loud and clear, and startled her.

"Hi there! I don't know you, I'm afraid, but I can promise none of us are hostile, so feel free to come out. But if you're hostile just leave because we can defend ourselves if we have to."

Alice lowered the crossbow slightly so that it wasn’t pointed directly at the door anymore. The voice had started off sounding friendly and Alice had begun to relax a little, but then the voice had changed and she was surprised to hear how… menacing it could become. She could feel her hands starting to shake a little so she tightened her grip on her weapon to still them.

They were inviting her to join them but if they thought she was a threat they would try and kill her. She didn’t see how someone could be friendly yet hold the threat of violence over you at the same time; didn’t the two contradict each other?

Wasn’t that how everyone was going to be though? Wasn’t that how she was? She was here looking for people, allies most likely – she certainly wasn’t looking for enemies - but she was carrying a loaded crossbow to do so. They were probably just scared like she was. Everybody was going to be keeping one eye on the people around them, considering what they might have to do. It was just what the game did to you.

Nobody came into this game as a killer, but most people became one during it as far as Alice understood.

"If you want to actually step out and face us, it'd help you. Then we at least know you aren't planning on throwing a grenade through that door at us."

It was a different voice this time and it had a definite edge to it that immediately put Alice on alert. It did not promise friendship.

Once again she considered just leaving, it would cost her nothing to leave and she was growing increasingly concerned with this situation. But she was reluctant to leave after coming all this way and she made herself move forwards instead.

She edged closer to the doorway, circling rather than approaching directly so she could look in without being too close. Slowly, the room beyond came into view and with it, its inhabitants. Alice raised her crossbow as the first came into view, a boy; he was large, probably a full foot taller than Alice and heavy. Alice was used to being outsized by her so called peers but not often to this degree.

Her eyes moved to the thin club/rounded dagger thing in his hands. It didn’t look too dangerous but it was still surely a weapon. Unconsciously she tightened her grip on her weapon even more.

The other two came into view and they at least did not give off an aura of danger like the other boy did. The girl who had spoken first was not much larger than Alice herself, though she did at least look her own age, and the final member of what was apparently a trio looked almost as worried as Alice was.

There was a pause as Alice took them in. Then a longer one as no-one said anything. Finally the need to say something got the better of her and Alice spoke.

“I don-don’t want… to hurt anybody.”
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