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Isaiah let Lucy say her bit to the newcomer. It wasn't like it particularly made much difference. After all, they had the numbers. The other person would have to do whatever they told them to unless they thought they could take on three people by themselves and Isaiah already knew the answer to that.

"If you want to actually step out and face us, it'd help you." Isaiah said as he slid the Mere Patu out of his pack and moved to get a better view of the doorway. "Then we at least know you aren't planning on throwing a grenade through that door at us."

He was aware of the danger they could potentially be in. Since they had no idea if the voice was friendly or not, and that little bit of doubt was going to cloud the whole interaction. They didn't know what play she was planning on running and the same went for her. They had a proper standoff on their hands.

Isaiah had seen his fair share of standoffs when he'd watched SOTF with his family and he knew that a good portion of them ended with someone dead. He didn't want to be that person. Unsurprisingly Isaiah didn't want to die at any point in the near future and he was guessing no one else involved in the stand-off did either. So the quicker they could end it the better, for everyone.

Well, maybe not for the girl on the other side of the door.
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