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"I don't have any plans," Jewel did not say. "I just wanted to see what you were doing."

"I actually am willing to give you one," she also did not say, "if you have a good reason I should."

The triangle shifted. She and Dougie were now stood opposite Erik, and Dougie said that her answer didn't matter, so good ally that she momentarily was, she did not undercut him by sharing. He'd said "we", and that word in this context was magic. And right now, Jewel was sitting and Dougie was standing almost above and alongside her, and did that make him her knight or her his captive?

The air was very cold and she could see that with every breath she let out, little puffs of smoke escaping from her mouth and then spreading into nothingness. They came faster and lighter now, matching the pounding that was no longer in her head and ears but instead had migrated to her heart. The hair on the back of her neck was standing up, and the hair on her arms; goosebumps formed against the breeze. She did not shake. Her earrings were very cold, the metal conducting the chill, and she realized that as soon as she found a time to do so inconspicuously, she should take them out. She had seen things torn out of people before.

It was Erik who held the microphone now, Erik's show and Dougie as his opposition, and Jewel, she was nearly a piece of scenery. That would have to change in the long run, but for now it could be as it was. She was a team player. She could perform what was required of her.

She took her hands out of her sleeves and rubbed them lightly against the tops of her thighs, fingers pressing against her skirt and the thin fabric of her leggings underneath. She was trying to work a little more warmth into herself.
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