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Luckily for Lucy, both Isaiah and Will seemed to be up for an alliance. That was great, really, because it meant they'd have a really solid shot at sticking together. It was only a short-term plan, sadly, but what else could she do? There wasn't any way out but to win with your team, get 10 kills first, or escape, and the only one Lucy could see herself succeeding at was her team winning.

But it wasn't like all her friends were on her team, and so many of her classmates who she considered friends were probably here as well. There was no saving all of them, and she needed to accept that things were going to end with most of her classmates including herself dead-

Not the time for that, though. As Lucy nodded and adjusted her hairband, she heard a voice call out, timid and unfamiliar. Lucy was good at voices, and very good at placing voices to faces and even faces to names, but she'd not heard this girl before. So it wasn't someone she knew; that meant there was probably another school, since they did that last season and it worked.

Will asked what they should do, and Lucy wished she knew the answer for him. At school, Lucy had never had to make tough decisions. It was always, 'what café should I go to today' or 'what should I wear' or the like. Such simple, almost trivial things; now, her every choice could keep her alive or cause her death. Every choice was critical, and being faced with this task so early made her want to curl up in bed at home.

But she wasn't going home anytime soon, so she had to stay strong and figure things out. Lucy took a breath and said with a hushed voice, "I think if we respond with trust they will in kind. They sound scared, not hostile." She awkwardly fondled the sabre she was still holding, before glancing at her still-open bag and digging through it.

The sheath she found was pretty nice looking. Lucy strapped it around her waist with the belt it came with. It took a second or two, but in all the meanwhile she was talking. "Hi there! I don't know you, I'm afraid, but I can promise none of us are hostile, so feel free to come out. But if you're hostile just leave because we can defend ourselves if we have to." An authoritative tone crept into her voice, she realized as she issued her greeting.

By the time she finished the offending weapon was safely tucked out of sight.
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