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Will’s smile only widened further as Lucy and Isaiah stated that they were both in favour of forming an alliance. Sure, their opposing teams had already doomed it to be merely a temporary thing, but for the moment it was the best things could be. It was a real shame that they wouldn’t all have a chance to survive together - but he supposed the mere fact that they’d all been able to find each other this early on was miraculous enough.

“Yeah, an alliance would be awesome,” he said breathlessly, tugging on the edge of his shirt collar. His fingers briefly danced across the metallic circlet around his neck before lingering there for a second. He’d almost forgotten it was there, having only acknowledged it for a moment when he’d first woken up before disregarding it altogether, as well as when his mentor had dispatched that piece of fairly unwelcome - though, he supposed, fairly necessary - advice. Back home, he’d never much cared for the collars, thinking them to be a constant reminder of the fact that this was really happening, that these were real kids who were having their lives cut short before they’d even really began. The glitz and glamour that’d accompanied the broadcasts had mostly swallowed such reminders up, but there were still moments when he’d realised that he was being entertained by the real-life murders of kids just like him and his classmates.

He didn’t much like to remember those moments.

Will repositioned himself on the floor and took another look around the transport centre, double-checking to see whether he’d missed anything important in his initial assessment of the area, as well as to think about what to do next. The plan that he knew he’d eventually have had yet to materialise to any degree. He couldn’t complain too much, though; he had a confirmed alliance with Lucy and Isaiah, and maybe they’d have some spectacular idea in the meantime.

Before he had much time to think any further about plans or alliances, the silence of the area was broken by a shaky cry, emanating from near an entranceway. It was a girl; though he didn’t recognise the voice in the slightest, so he supposed it must’ve been someone from the other school. He wasn’t quite ready for other people, especially not those with whom he was at least mildly acquainted. For all he knew, this girl could be poised to gun them down and rob them blind. He hoped like hell that wasn’t to be the case, but it was still a distinct possibility.

“Crap,” he hissed, keeping his voice as low as he could. “What should we do, guys?”
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