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Erik noted with a twinge of nervousness that Dougie had come a bit closer to Jewel and himself. Though he seemed to be trying to appear nonchalant, it'd be all too easy for him to rush Erik and get a hold of his gun. Still, he hadn't done anything outwardly threatening and if you couldn't trust a complete stranger in a life-or-death situation, who could you trust?

Alright, maybe not the best figurative question for the situation.

Jewel's evasiveness was grating a small bit, though. Dougie might be tense, but Jewel didn't seem to be showing any signs of nervousness. Heck, on further reflection, she seemed to be enjoying being as ambiguous as humanly possible. That just wouldn't do.

"C-can't say I have anything in mind, unless you're somehow willing to just g-give them away to the first one who asks, and I somehow doubt that." Erik shrugged. "Fair enough, but I d-do have to wonder. Why show them to us? I mean, uh, why did you even c-call me over here in the first place? You don't really seem the t-type to just do something without a reason, so what's your plan?"

That might have been crossing the line into dangerous territory, but Erik didn't want to awkwardly best around the bush for much longer. He would have been all for pleasant conversation, sure, but the atmosphere had only made him steadily more uneasy as time went on.
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