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"That ass said that once one team was left, they all get to go home. Do you get it? We've already found each other, so we've just gotta find the rest of our team and lay low until the end. That way, we can all get outta here without killing anybody." Lukas's voice betrayed how unconfident he was in his plan, but still carried a bit of hope in it. He knew that there would be people playing, and that some of his own team members may have already fallen to the temptation. However, if there was any hope that he could get some people out of there with clean consciences, then he wanted to roll with it.

"You know what I'm saying? We can get some people outta here, and really stick it to the assholes that expect us to go on killing sprees." Lukas's grin was back, although it was smaller than before. He could picture it now. He and his team could walk away from the game as a bunch of non-killers that survived, while fansites experience meltdowns of impotent rage over how the season didn't have a "proper" winner. It was a glorious thought, and one that he very much wanted to become a reality.

"So what do you say, Zoe? You wanna go for it?"

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