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Neither of them were on his team. That killed a bit of the buzz Isaiah had been having from finding people he knew. He looked from Will to Lucy, they still weren't threats but in the back of his mind he knew that eventually he'd have to either ditch them or let them die. He didn't want to think about option C. He busied himself with wrapping his leg as Lucy continued speaking. From what he was getting they'd done nothing but find each other, at least some people had gotten off to slower starts than he had at least. Would be a quick season if everyone started fighting right away.

They'd bought his lie easily though, it was like telling a little kid that Santa existed. Since they wanted to believe you they'd be more likely to believe you. Obviously Lucy and Will wanted what Isaiah had told them to be true and had accepted it at face value. He finished wrapping his leg in the gauze and stood up. He lifted his leg up and down a few times to check it was done properly. He gave a satisfied nod when it didn't fall off.

An alliance could be a good idea. Isaiah looked between Will and Lucy, in the long term they'd probably be a detriment. But in the short term, hell why not. It'd probably be the last time he got to spend with Lucy anyway. It was almost funny really, he talked a big game and yet he couldn't tell the one girl he was attracted to her.

It was probably what was going to make the rest of the game so hard.

"Sure, an alliance sounds good right about now."
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