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It seemed like the girl in front of Naomi was going to speak until she was interrupted by a voice coming out of her collar.

Naomi didn't quite catch what was said, but judging by Lukas's reaction it seemed to be about the mentor wanting the two of them to kill her. Or maybe kill the new arrival that just entered the room a few moments ago. Regardless, it seemed that neither of the two wanted to kill, and that made Naomi relax a bit.

She looked back at the new arrival. Another person she didn't recognize. Another person not from Davison. Naomi took note of her, making sure to keep an eye on her, even if her weapon appeared to be a lawn flamingo.

Or maybe it wasn't, maybe she picked it up from somewhere and is using it to make it appear as if she's defenseless. Could be a smart strategy. Or maybe she really did get a flamingo as her weapon. Naomi wasn't sure and she wasn't going to worry about it. She just needed to keep her eyes on everyone in the room and she'd make it out alright.

Lukas and Zoe seemed to be distracted by their own conversation. Good, the less attention on Naomi the better. The new arrival stood a little away from the scene. She was probably just as unsure as Naomi as to what to do.

Despite the fact that Naomi just wanted to leave and find Chris, the hotel lobby was warmer than the outside, and nobody here seemed very dangerous. She supposed she would stay, at least for a bit. So she stood, a few feet away from the others, quiet and composed.
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