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"I don't know," Jewel said, raising her eyebrow. "What do you think I should do with them?"

Perhaps she would strangle him with the cord, was that what Erik thought? Perhaps she would hand them out to anyone who asked, play telephone? Perhaps she would organize her team with them, hunt down everyone else, bring Tiffany Dexter's dream to life.

There was a triangle on the stage, a triangle any time three people interacted, tension and lines of connection between them. Three people meant that two were allied against the third, but who and why shifted second by second. Seemed like presently, the odd one out was Jewel. Dougie said nothing, but he was closer now. Soon he could reach out and grab her, and she wouldn't stop him if he chose to do that.

Two boys and a girl. Two pawns and a queen? Mae St. Claire, Zach Johnston, and Shawn Morrison? No in all likelihood, not with their differing agendas, their opposed teams. The cameras would be watching to see how this resolved, watching with almost as much interest as Jewel. The team dynamic was too new. It ate at her just a little that she lacked the data to predict how this was going to go.

She zipped the backpack back up after dropping the headset into it, and then she slid her hands into the opposite sleeves of her jacket and hugged in close around herself. It would have been warmer to stand up and get her legs off this frozen stage, but it would have changed the composition too much.
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