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"G-good to meet the both of you." Erik said after Dougie's brief introduction, nodding politely at the two. The mood was still sort of tense, which wasn't at all helped by Jewel's quiet giggling and adoration of his gun.

That was admittedly kind of weird. Hopefully not weird in any sort of ominous way, and Erik had met his fair share of rather odd people during his time in the SOTF fandom, but it was still kind of unnerving to have to question someone's sanity not even three minutes after meeting them for the first time. Erik chose not to respond, instead just smiling slightly and awkwardly shifting in place.

He couldn't really think of any appropriate way to break the ice. What sort of conversation starter would even work in the situation? "So, how are you?" "Oh, just fine, except for the whole murder thing, that's kind of a pain." Unable to break the silence (shamefully, for a reporter) Erik was grateful when Jewel did it for him, holding up something very interesting indeed.

"Very nice indeed." Erik said, nodding appreciatively, though he did question Jewel's motives in showing them what could be one of the most effective tools in game. None of them shared a team, after all, and Jewel didn't really seem like the type to just pair up with the first people who stumbled upon her, so what was her plan?

"So, uh, what exactly d-do you intend to do with those?" Erik asked. It was probably a bit too blunt, but that was how a no-nonsense, veteran reporter like himself had to behave. There was a lot to be said for politeness and dignity, of course, but when the time came, you had to be ready to relentlessly pounce on whatever lead came your way.
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