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Finally Corin turned to Forrest. However Corin's gun also turned to Forrest.

Forrest first reaction was to move backwards. He planned that he should hide behind the tree again, but he did not dare doing that. Even though trees could probably block bullets, Corin and Bunny still could kill him if they moved towards him.

So when Forrest was told to put his hands up and show his team colour, he hesitated at first and expected Corin to shoot him when he finds out that they weren't in the same team, but then Bunny told him to show his team colour and weapon. In a more friendly way. And with that Forrest scrapped his plan of hiding behind the tree and just to show his team, hoping Bunny would help him in some way. The fact that Bunny liked SOTF was now petty to him.

"I just have a club."

After he closed his eyes, Forrest slowly put both of his hands up and revealed his bandanna, hoping he wouldn't be shot.

"Don't shoot me", Forrest whispered.
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