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"Nice to meet you," Jewel said, "and your friend."

She nodded at the gun in Erik's hands and gave a little giggle.

"He's cute."

Dorky stuttering on the part of Erik was a sign that he was off balance. Dougie introducing her was a sign that he was going to take some initiative. A narrative was coalescing, but its shape was still mutable. Was Dougie trying to smooth over their interactions, or establish control of them? Was Erik off balance because he planned malice or because he was inexperienced or because of the cold?

Jewel shivered a little bit. Her hands came up and rubbed against her wrists, but the dampness wasn't coming out. Her exhalations were steam. When she was a little girl, they were dragon's breath and she was a dragon, waiting to burn away the cold and any knight who stood in her way. When she grew older, they were the condensation of moisture caused by a difference in internal and external temperature. She was cold outside, but inside she was warm. The reason she shivered now was that she was bleeding heat.

Her eyes weren't leaving the other two. She held the weakest hand. This was her advantage. Dougie, huge and powerful looking, could perhaps reach and challenge Erik, hefty but well armed. Jewel could stand up to neither in a fight. It was important that this be known.

"I got headsets," she said.

She held one up. Wires, box, microphone. Probably the best weapon in the game, if you weren't stupid. Were they stupid? Might they think she was? She shifted, trying to steal a little more comfort, but just managing to dig the rough frost harder against her ass. This very slight pressure built in her ears, and if she wasn't on camera she'd've yawned to clear it, but instead she clenched her jaw and worked it a little and hoped the pounding screaming banging splitting wasn't going to come back.
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