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((JRII Forrest Doe, continued from The Aqua-Museum))

Forrest now knew what the fat boy meant, when he told him he froze.

When Forrest exited the museum he felt the coldness, fortunately for him he had his toque on his head and was already used to coldness, as he exercised outside even at fall and winter. Also for him being outside in the cold was more appealing than sitting with the odd fat guy in the museum. Even though the body of the boy must probably be warm and comfortable and cozy and...eww. He couldn't see the black-haired girl anywhere, so he began to move to an unspecific direction.

He put his map out and used it to orient himself. He put his map back in his bag, but also put his club there. He could always use his fists when he needed to defend himself. And in case he was in a dangerous situation he could still put his club out. But having no club in the hand made him look less threatening and also made it easier to move around. Because, after he finished the bag of saltine, took a sip of the waterbottle and threw the bag away, he jogged to move forward faster.

Forrest could see the Ice Palace from the distance, but decided not to go there and freeze himself more. So he decided to continue to jog straight.

His body was freezing and he even shortly considered changing into the warm-looking banana suit. He however thought he would look stupid in it.

Later he arrived at the Orchard, he saw nothing but the snowy surroundings. However when he entered the Orchard deeper he could see two people.

When he saw them he hid behind a tree, or what was left of the once leaf-filled tree. The girl had a silver bandana around her neck and the boy had a silver bandana around his wrist. It's a team!

He could recognize both of them, as both of them were at his school:

The girl was Bunny, who looked sexy and was a vegetarian, too. On the other hand she liked SOTF, which made Forrest a bit skeptical, whether she is hostile or not. But she seemed to be an okay girl.

The guy was Corin, who played baseball with him. And he played baseball with such a skill, Forrest envied him a bit. But Forrest knew he was not a good baseball player and especially not a good pitcher.

While he hid behind the tree he was in panic. The reason was, because he saw their weapons. The scooter did not scare him, but the gun. It was the first time Forrest saw a real gun, not through some medias. He thought he couldn't escape from them, as they might shoot him if they hear him. If he ran away he might be dead. So he tried to appear open and friendly. He wanted to greet them. He hoped they wouldn't shoot him. He hoped Corin wouldn't shoot him.

After putting his bag behind the tree, he came out of the tree, hid his right arm, where his bandana was, behind his back and waved with his left arm.

"Ey! Corin!"
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