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Two new arrivals came in to the lobby, one recognizable, one not.

The one at the stairs were Cathryn, Zoe did not exactly like Cathryn what with her temperament and tendency to insult others, but she did not look like a threat, helped that her weapon was a flamingo.

The other one at the entrance had her attention.

She had locked eyes with the non-recognizable one, probably from the same school as Lukas; she did not look that dangerous either. She was asking about the blood, but before she could start, answering and asking her own questions her teams mentor decided to speak up.

She wanted them to play. Lukas spoke up about not listening to them and that doing so would be playing into the producers hands.

He is one of those anti-SOTF people, huh. That's great...

"Don't worry; I’m not going to kill anyone."

Playing to win this early was suicide anyway.

He then asked her if she remembered the talk about teams back at the introduction.

"Yeah, I remember. What about it?"
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