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Theeeeere it was. That was what Bunny had been hoping for. Cor had finally cracked a smile. Admittedly, it had been tiny and lasted for approximately a millisecond, but hey, it was a start. Acorns and oak trees and however that phrase went.

Cor still looked and sounded as nervous and downhearted as Bunny felt inside as he handed the manual for his rifle over to her, though. Bunny gave him a smile that she hoped came across as warm as she’d intended it to, as she took the booklet from him.

“Oh, hey, good idea! That way we don’t have one person who knows how to use that-“ Bunny gestured to Cor’s rifle. “And one person who knows how to ride a scooter around.”

Bunny giggled slightly, skimming through the booklet. It all looked... surprisingly complicated, honestly. All the stuff about the scope and reloading and whatever the hell bolt-action meant. Bunny had, on several instances of watching SOTF, laughed at the so-called stupidity of the people on it, failing to load guns correctly, wading into fights with the safety firmly on. Now that she was in the thick of it, she could understand just how they made these mistakes.

“Ehhh... shouldn’t be too complicated!”

A little white lie; most likely the first of many. There was no use in giving negative feedback to somebody who already appeared to be near the end of their tether. There was still time to completely understand the mechanics of the rifle after all, especially seeing as there didn’t appear to be anyone about. As Bunny read and attempted to digest the contents of the manual, she considered what Cor had said. He’d been wandering, apparently, so that suggested he hadn’t met anybody else aside from her, which didn’t really help. Bunny had been hoping he’d at least passed by a few people, been able to tell her what people were doing right now. Any lead was an advantage, and with her fucking scooter, any advantage was a huge lifeline.

“Right, well, Cor, to answer your question; I am indeed from the drama class! I’m kinda used to the cameras, y’see.” Bunny tried to laugh at her own statement, but it just felt hollow. She was fairly certain her smile had faltered as well. Quickly, she had to get things back on track, make sure Cor and everyone else believed she was still in control of herself.

“So... so it sounds like we have a plan already! Getting another weapon would be much appreciated. Not much I can do with a fucking scooter, is there? Unless I incapacitate people by making them laugh too much. If that’s what we’re gonna do, though, can you check your map quickly? I’d kinda like to head for some indoors area, if that’s alright with you! A skirt probably wasn’t the best choice in clothing, huh?”

Bunny looked down at her outfit, the wind and frost on the ground really starting to chill her now. Her tights were stopping her from being colder than she could have been, and at least she had her cap on. But it was still chilly. The alternative, however, was either tank-top or Playboy bunny. The clothes Bunny was in would do just fine for now.
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