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Maybe Cathryn should've listened to her father after all.

((CJ2: Cathryn Bailey - START))

She had been taken while walking around the outskirts of Whittree. Her father always warned her about not staying out too long because of safety and all that stuff, but she'd learned to tune out his voice a long time ago.

Now, that she thought of it, that was probably the best advice he'd given. After all, it was the classic version of a kidnapping. Teenage girl walking in a remote place, with no one accompanying her. Then again, she probably wouldn't have been able to do anything about it, since they'd have gotten her at school or home. But still.

Cathryn had always sorta dreamed of being a star. Everyone did, at one point. It was one of those pipe dreams she had clung onto for a while, seeing as there was nothing else to rely on. The only things she was good with was her voice and her hands. There was no way she'd spend the rest of her life as a cashier at McDonald's, or as a drunkard spending every day in a haze. She wasn't going to end up like her mother.

And now she'd become one. Everyone in this place would be a star. Their faces would be plastered on television screens, talked about by pseudo-experts, and they'd be analyzed by neckbeards on forums. It was a nightmare in every sense of the word for Cathryn.

The room she was in was smashed. Fragments of tikis laid shattered on the floor, framed paintings of Hawaii hung askew, and tables were overturned. As it turned out, a pink lawn flamingo could actually do some damage.

After getting that out of her system, she tried going back to sleep because the hotel was large, and she probably wouldn't be found or anything, but the collar and the headband made it a bit difficult to do so. So, she went down, not knowing what to expect. Her mind was still in a haze, a sort of hangover. Whether that was from the gas or sleeping, she didn't know. Probably both. She was still struggling to grasp the idea of being on TV2, and her time in the arena was still a nightmare to her.

Cathryn went down the stairs, still gripping her flamingo. Not the most conventional of weapons, and it'd only knock someone out if she was lucky, but it had proven itself to her already. She hadn't checked the rest of the supplies yet, but she had enough of an idea about SOTF-TV to guess what would be in there. Food and clothes from various sponsors, a fanservice outfit which was probably skimpy and which she'd throw out when given the time, and a first-aid kit. The usual.

Cathryn hadn't been thinking much, and so her feet pounded loudly on the steps, making her presence well-known to anyone in the room. She only realized this once she entered the lobby and noticed three people in the room, one of which she was very familiar with. Zoe. And she had some large sword. The other two, she didn't know, but the larger one had a gun in his hand. And Cathryn had a flamingo.

She uttered to herself the only word that could describe how she felt.

"Fuck, no."

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