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((RF3: Naomi Young Start))
((GM'ing approved))

Naomi walked.

It was cold.

The area was empty.

She had a collar on her neck and a bandanna tied around her arm.

Naomi had woken up earlier, she didn't know how much earlier, if you asked her she would say a half hour earlier.

When she woke up she didn't know what to think. She was going to be on TV. She never really wanted to be on TV, especially like this, especially when it's almost certain she would die from it.

Naomi walked, slumped over.

She had the backpack she was given, stuffed full of things, on her back. She was carrying her assigned weapon, an electro-shock baton, in her right hand. She looked at it, it offered some protection at the very least. The nasty shock would be a good deterrent, at least at deterring people from engaging her in melee. Against people with guns, she didn't know.

She couldn't believe she was thinking like that already.

She just wanted to go home.

Naomi walked, anxious and slumped.

Her thoughts jumped to Chris. Her boyfriend. He was here too, she saw him in the room when they were first getting their introduction to SOTF: TV Season 66. She had no idea if they were on the same team. If they were, great, they could potentially make it out of this together. If they weren't?

Naomi paused in her walking, contemplating. She started walking again.

She didn't want Chris to die. She didn't want to die herself.

Escape? Escape was too difficult, she was clever, but she didn't have the brains to break out of these collars, let alone get out of this place after doing so. If they weren't on the same team, there was only one other option.

One of them had to be the first to get ten kills. One of them had to end the life of another human being, not once, but ten times. The other had to make it to the end.

She had to be honest with herself. She wasn't going to make it to the end. There was no way. She would make a mistake and die for it. There was no way around that. Chris? Maybe Chris had a chance. She didn't.

But could she kill ten people? She thought about it. Maybe she could. Her chances of killing ten people were a lot better than making it all the way to the end, she figured. If they weren't on the same team and if she wanted to be with Chris again after this was all over, one of them needed to try.

And she wasn't going to make Chris do it.

But, how could she live with herself after killing ten people? Murder was murder, being on TV or not. Her hands would be stained with the blood of the otherwise innocent, and she'd have to live with that the rest of her life if she made it out.

She didn't know if she could take it.

She hoped that Chris and herself were on the same team.

For some reason, she doubted it.

Naomi walked, slumping, anxious, and contemplating.

She hated this situation, she didn't want to be in it. But hating it wasn't going to get her anywhere. Crying about it wasn't going to get her anywhere. She just needed to deal with the problem at hand, not ignore it. And the problem at hand was how she was going to get her and her boyfriend out of this game alive, regardless if they were on the same team or not.

She came upon a hotel, Hawaiian themed.

Maybe Chris was inside.

She walked inside the hotel.

The first thing she noticed is that there was blood on the ground and obvious signs of a scuffle. Not a good sign. People were already trying for the "first to ten kills" rule, she guessed.

"Goddamn." She whispered, under her breath.

She ignored the scene, it looked like it had been there for a while, and she doubted that anyone would stick around after a fight like that. She looked a bit deeper into the building, finding herself stumbling upon two people. Both with the same color of bandanna. She recognized one of them as Lukas, he went to Davidson. The other person, the girl with the gigantic sword, she didn't recognize. Even if she at least did know Lukas, she didn't want to be around two people of the same team without any teammates of her own. They might think she was an easy kill. She was about to turn and leave, but then the girl turned her head towards her and locked eyes with her. Too late to run, she supposed.

She calmed her nerves. Act natural and they would all get out of this no worse for the wear. Naomi especially. She announced her presence. "So... hey there. Say, do either of you two know anything about that blood over there? I'm a bit concerned about it."

She was doomed.
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