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Good to see that the two were relatively cordial, especially considering that, upon closer inspection, neither were from Erik's team. Well, the goth girl was cordial. The tall guy just looked really tense, which was perfectly understandable.

"Uh, sure!" Erik nodded, smiling slightly. He kind of figured that there would be quite a few viewers going all "Don't do it man, it's a trap!" at home. Or, more likely, he supposed, going "Yeah, girl, get the gun from that dorky kid! He wasn't going to use it anyway!" Well, great journalists didn't become great by being scared off by the slightest hint of danger! He climbed up onto the stage, joining Jewel and Dougie.

He did his best to be as non-threatening as possible with his gun. It wasn't anything more than a deterrent, really. Erik had no plans on gunning anyone down, stranger or not. A reporter didn't shape the flow of events, they, well, reported on them! The only reason he was keeping it around, bulky as it was, so that any ruffians who didn't respect the sanctity of the news would stay away.

"So!" Erik began. "If we're g-going to talk for a bit, we should introduce ourselves, right? I'm Erik. With, uh, with a K. Erik Lowell." He would have extended his right hand out for a respectable handshake, but he sort of needed both hands to keep a good hold on the shotgun. If he dropped it, things probably wouldn't end up very well for anyone.
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